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Successful Hour LTD offers you a goal, a dream that you can fulfill. We provide the best online investment plans for clients. We manage your risks and advisory services to institutional and individual investments around the world. Successful Hour LTD offers a variety of asset-based functional products for any investor, such as Forex, Index, Cryptocurrencies, Stock and investments in private funds.

We focus on the short-term strategic investment philosophy, with hourly returns. We seek returns of adequate levels of risk and value creation consistent with investment objectives. Our institutional clients as individuals can choose between our 3 structured and diversified investment plans that meet their investment needs at all stages.

Our investment experience makes us achieve that Successful Hour LTD is in the top positions of the most requested. Working together with our clients to design the ideal combination of modules that suits their investment needs. We offer our experience in consulting and advanced technology to work in the construction of an excellent result. We employ programmers, technical support personnel, experts in data collection as well as expert investors and high reputation traders.

  • Certified Company Registred.
  • Instant Payment.
  • Ssl Support.
  • High Profitability.
Package Basic


hourly for 96 hours
$5 - $5.000
Ref Comissions: 3%
Principal Not Return
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Package Pro

3% - 6%

hourly for 48 hours
$300 - $20.000
Ref Comissions: 5%
Principal Not Return
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Package Premium

15% - 20%

hourly for 24 hours
$1.000 - $500.000
Ref Comissions: 10%
Principal Not Return
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Who we are

Without finance, plans stay as plans. That’s why we exists, we here to help clients make the most of these opportunities. We take the time to gain a deep understanding of our clients' financial requirements and business goals in order to bringing a passion for client success.

Our Unique Advantages:

  • Certified Company Registred.s
  • Instant Payment.
  • Ssl Support.
  • High Profitability.

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